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At The Crescendo - Machito

Titel : At The Crescendo

Artiest(en) : Machito

Genre : Salsa, Latin-jazz

Medium : CD

Jaar : 1961

Label : Crescendo

€ 5,00


Afro-Cuban jazz, Mambo + Salsa uit 961 van bandleider Machito`s band is on fire!
Machito, one of the most revered artists in the history of Afro-Cuban music, lives up to his well-deserved reputation for giving 200 percent in concert on At the Crescendo. Captured live at Hollywood, CA`s Crescendo (a legendary, long-gone Sunset Strip nightclub owned by record exec/producer/concert promoter Gene Norman), Machito and his orchestra swing hard and passionately on both fiery, rhythmic salsa like "Ven Conmigo Guajira," "No Tiene Telerana" and "El Columpio" and spirited Latin-jazz interpretations of Sonny Rollins` "Pent-Up House" (wrongly credited to Miles Davis in the CD`s liner notes) and Ray Bryant`s "Cuban Fantasy." No one with even a moderate interest in Afro-Cuban music should pass up this dynamic performance (reissued on CD in 1990)
Just a few words to express that this album is excelent for the hobby Salsa dancer who likes dancing guajira and mambo. Specifically commenting upon the songs, the song "Almendra" is best and "No Tiene Telarana" is good to the listener as well as guajira dancers
Personnel: Pedro Chaparro, Alfredo "Chocolate" Armenteros, Jimmy Zito and John Audino Trumpets; Mario Bauzá, Joe Livramento, Aaron Sachs, Ray Santos and Leslie Johnakins Saxophones; René Hernández Piano; Sarrail Archilla Bass; Armando Albertini Conga; Henry Rosa Bongo; Ubaldo Nieto Timbales; Carlos Montiel, Machito and Graciela Coro.
1. Pachanga a la Crescendo (3:19)
2. Mangos (3:03)
3. Maggie`s Mambo (3:03)
4. Varsity Drag Mambo (3:23)
5. Cuban Fantasy (4:54)
6. No Tiene Telerana (3:11)
7. Ven Conmigo Guajira (3:07)
8. Bernie and the Wolf (3:11)
9. El Columpio (3:18)
10. Ayer Lo Vi Llorar (3:20)
11. Todo Es (3:38)
12. Jamaicuba (3:16)
13. Alma con Alma (3:20)
14. Mi Otono (2:17)
15. Almendra (2:37)
16. Pent-Up House (2:38)