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Art of the Arrangement - Doug Beavers

Titel : Art of the Arrangement

Artiest(en) : Doug Beavers

Genre : Salsa, Latin-jazz

Medium : CD

Jaar : 11-2017

Label : ArtistShare

€ 19,99


Top big-band SALSA + latin jazz van Spanish Harlem trombonist Doug Beavers op z`n 2e solo CD met zangers als Frankie Vazquez, Herman Oliveira, Carlos Cascante, Cita Rodriguez, Jeremy Bosch. Ik vind hem nog beter en completer als voorganger Titanes del Trombon
“The Art of the Arrangement” (El Arte del Arreglo) is a “timeless recording” of an exciting 21st Century latin jazz big band album led by the talented Grammy-winning composer, arranger, and trombonist Doug Beavers. These excellent performances feature a hot latin jazz band executing intricate arrangements, built around a percolating rhythm and percussion section pounding out smoking `claves` throughout, augmented by exciting vocals. There are also some superb singers on board and a number of talented arrangers, some of whose artful chart work has been admired for many decades. The arrangers are: Beavers, Marty Sheller, Ray Santos, Oscar Hernandez, Jose Madera, Angel Fernandez, Gonzalo Grau, and Papo Lucca. I remember Sheller, for example, whose charts and trumpet work harken back to the glory days of the hits of Mongo Santamaria. The band, which at times can have up to 20 members and include French horns, tuba, and a ‘coros’ of singers, features such musicians as soloist Raul Agraz, Hector Colon, and Frank David Greene on trumpets, soloist Beavers, Rey David Alejandre and Max Siegel on trombones, Todd Bashore and Ivan Renta on saxophones, soloist Oscar Hernandez on piano, Jerry Madera on double bass, and many more, plus singers such as Cita Rodriguez and Marco Bermudez. The percussionists include Luisito Quintero, George Delgado, Johnny Rodriguez, and Jose Madero. Along with attractive original music, there are intricate orchestrations of songs by Ahmad Jamal, Bobby Hutcherson, and Tito Puente. All vocal performances are in Spanish but the emotions of the singers should easily translate to the heart of the listener. If you like Mario Bauza, Machito, Tito Puente, Chico O`Farril, the Palmieri family, the Afro-Cuban side of Dizzy Gillespie, and the like, you may love this recording which has been re-played many times by this reviewer. 11 tracks + 1 bonus track. Time-72:14.
1. New Rumba (for Gil Evans) (4:06)
2. El Truquito (5:55)
3. Estoy Como Nunca (6:30)
4. Para Bailar El Montuno (6:46)
5. De Repente (6:22)
6. Perico Perejil (6:04)
7. Siempre (6:09)
8. Montara Elegua (feat. Pedrito Martinez) (5:58)
9. Sunflowers (5:05)
10. Suave Así (4:50)
11. Barra Limpia (6:31)
12. Gate C13 (Bonus Track) (7:51)
The ‘best of the best’ begins with a marvelous arrangement of Ahmad Jamal’s “New Rhumba” (arranged by Beavers), dedicated to the great arranger Gil Evans. It is cleverly disguised and burns over a hot percussive beat with signposts of the melody, excellent orchestra sectional interplay, and an inspired, inventive Beavers solo. “El Truquito” (Beavers) features the expressive voice of Frankie Vasquez amid the interesting orchestration. “Estoy Como Nunca” (Sheller) features the declarative voice of Herman Olviera and a ‘coro’ with Beavers’ solo effectively quoting “Cherry Pink, Apple Blossom White” while the orchestra section work builds and releases, over and over. “Para Bailar El Montuno” (Fernandez) adds some funk and features emotional Olviera and the coro, with solos by guitarist Nelson Gonzalez and a wild solo turn by pianist Hernandez. “De Repente” (Hernandez) features the fabulous vocal duo of Jeremy Bosch and Cita Rodriguez who really bring out the dynamics of the melody as they interact like old friends. “Perico Perejil” (Santos) is an attractive melody over a swinging medium latin beat, again featuring vocalist Vasquez in ‘call-response’ with the chorus, with a nice orchestra reprise at the end. “Siempre” (Grau) begins subdued but the beat heats up quickly, featuring Carlos Cascante on vocals, a soulful interlude by Beavers, and a frenetic, serpentine Todd Bashore soprano sax solo. Beaver’s mellow arrangement of Hutcherson’s “Montara Eleguá", features compelling interaction between the great vocalist Pedrito Martinez and Beavers over a modal orchestral base, plus a cool Fender Rhodes solo by Yeisson Villamar and a very touching soprano sax solo by Ivan Renta. Beaver’s own song “Sunflowers” is a marvelous performance featuring a blazing solo by Beavers, then Zaccal Curtis on piano, and a heated exchange between Quintero on timbales alternating with conguero Delgado. There seems to be a pause before the bonus track “Gate C13” (Beavers) begins and the wait is worth it, as this is another marvel of an arrangement that `jump starts` the band’s fiery section work and solos by Bosch on flute and Thomas Marriott who exhibits some stellar trumpet work. This is a real gem of a latin big band performance, created for the appreciation of any jazz aficionado courtesy of composer, arranger, trombonist, and producer Doug Beavers and his team of arrangers, musicians, and vocalists. My Highest Recommendation. Five FIERY Stars. (ArtiShare records CD with insert notes. 11 tracks + 1 bonus track. Time-72:14.)