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Arroz Con Habichuela - El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico

Titel : Arroz Con Habichuela

Artiest(en) : El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2006

Label : Sony

€ 15,00


Arroz Con Habichuela is the title of the 2006 studio album by El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico. The Spanish title of the album means "rice with beans" in English which is a popular plate both in Puerto Rico and throughout Latin America. It is also the first album featuring new member, Willie Sotelo, on piano who replaced longtime piano player, Rafael Ithier, so that Ithier could focus more on directing the band. Released by Sony International, the album garnered a radio hit with its first single, "No Hay Manera". The album also received the 2007 Latin Grammy Award for Best Salsa Album.
1. Si La Ves Por Ahí
2. Te Veo Nena
3. No Hay Manera
4. Arroz Con Habichuela
5. Esa Mujer
6. Como Tiembla El Alma
7. Yo No Mendigo Amor
8. Piensalo
9. No Te Detengas a Pensar
10. Un No Se Que