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Alunizando - El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico

Titel : Alunizando

Artiest(en) : El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 09-2016

Label : Combo

€ 19,99


EL GRAN COMBO de PUERTO RICO - Alunizando, 2016 release.
El Gran Combo De Puerto Rico is considered to be the greatest Salsa band of all time and after six years ("Sin Salsa No Hay Paraiso, 2010), the band is ready to release their new album titled, Alunizando (Moon Landing), a name that came about in conversations when they realized that the only place they have not performed and sold out in their Hall of Fame career is the moon. This nine track masterpiece has had four hit singles already on radio rotation including "Tiene Que Haber De To," "Soy Tu Amigo," "Sacame El Zapato" and "Mi Isla."
1. Tiene Que Haber De To
2. Mi Isla
3. Hasta Beser Tu Boca
4. Alunizando
5. Arepa Con Bacalao
6. Seguirá
7. Sacame El Zapato
8. Yo Soy Tu Amigo
9. Callao Puerto Querido