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A Millon - Jimmy Bosch

Titel : A Millon

Artiest(en) : Jimmy Bosch

Genre : Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2009

Label : JRGR

€ 19,90


Ook op z`n  4e solo album uit 2009 getitels "A Millon!" houdt trombonist-extraordinaire Jimmy Bosch de salsa dura traditie levend
Born in 1959 and raised in a Puerto Rican household, Jimmy is a genuine artist who`s been performing professionally since age 13, starting just two years after picking up the trombone. Jimmy`s first two solo CDs, "Soneando Trombon" and "Salsa Dura" established him as the Ambassador of the Salsa Dura movement. He ignited this movement by combining old school quality salsa arrangements with a modern NY aggressive edge and socially conscious lyrics. "El Avion De La Salsa" demonstrates and solidifies his commitment to keeping it raw and telling it like it is. Bosch`s music is inspirational. This 2009 release proves to do the same, only more intensely even. He has a special talent for getting his message across through great arrangements, hard driving rhythms, emphatic solos, swinging montunos and expressive words.
Jimmy is known for introducing new talent and this time the excellent 24-year-old Boricua sonero ‘Willito’ Otero really heats things up. He also gives his long time backup Colombian singer Johana Castaneda a chance to shine with her sparkling lead vocals on the powerful “Mujeres Manda,” a salsa dura that says: women are in control of their destiny in the industry, and now it’s the men who sing coro! There is also a trombone/bass instrumental that serves as tribute to the influence of all the great bass players Jimmy has accompanied, like Cachao, Bobby Rodriguez, and Andy Gonzalez. Top it off with the carnival party atmosphere conjured by the Mozambique/comparsa “Quedate”, and you have the full Jimmy Bosch Experience.
1. Bailalo Si Te Atreves
2. Maracayero
3. Foreclosure Ejecucion De Una Hipoteca (Dj Mix)
4. Mujeres Mandan
5. Te Adoro Mami
6. Cuantas Veces
7. Quedate
8. Alma Compartido
9. Foreclosure Ejecucion De Una Hipoteca (Full Version)