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Salón Lágrimas y Deseo - Lila Downs

Titel : Salón Lágrimas y Deseo

Artiest(en) : Lila Downs

Genre : Diversen

Medium : CD

Jaar : 06-2017

Label : Sony

€ 17,90


Salón Lágrimas y Deseo van de Mexicaanse zangeres Lila Downs is opnieuw een parel van een CD (2017 release).
Lila is the consummate Mexican singer. "La Cantina" and "Pecados y milagros" have a more traditional flavor, while this album feels more modern, but without abandoning the roots of música mexicana. Of course, there is no such thing as "Mexican music" any more than there is such a thing as American or European music. The styles and moods of the songs here are widely varied, reflecting everything from mariachi to torch canciones. This collection shines a light on Lila Downs` musical and vocal range and virtuosity.
1. Urge (3:25)
2. Palabres De Mujer (3:54)
3. Peligrosa (4:01)
4. Tus Pencas (3:23)
5. La Mentira (4:29)
6. El Querreque (4:15)
7. Inmortal (3:40)
8. Piensa en Mí (4:33)
9. Envidia (feat. Andrés Calamaro)
10. Seguiré Mi Viaje (4:01)
11. Ser Paloma (feat. Carla Morrison) (4:02)
12. Son de Juárez (feat. Banda Tierra Mojada) (4:36)
13. Un Mundo Raro (feat. Diego "El Cigala") (3:32)
14. Peligrosa (feat. Mon Laferte) (4:01)