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Ozutochi - Ozuna

Titel : Ozutochi

Artiest(en) : Ozuna

Genre : Reggaeton

Medium : CD

Jaar : 10-2022

Label : Aura

€ 17,99


OzuTochi, 2022 album van Ozuna, reggaeton superstar de Puerto Rico.
1. Kotodama
2. Mañana
3. Favorita
4. Mar Chiquita (feat. Pedro Capó)
5. Te Pienso
6. Días y Meses
7. Un Lío (feat. Omega)
8. Perreo y Dembow (feat. El Cherry Scom)
9. Hey Mor (feat. Feid)
10. Vida
11. 4:22 (feat. Danny Ocean)
12. Te Marchaste
13. Un Reel (feat. TINI)
14. La Suzi (feat. Nesi)
15. Somos Iguales (Ozuna & Tokischa feat. Louchie Lou & Michie One)
16. La Copa
17. El Cel (feat. Chencho Corleone, Arcángel, J Balvin & Randy)
18. Cielo Rosado

Ozuna returns with his fifth studio album, Ozutochi, released Friday via Aura Music and SonyMusic Entertainment.
The 18-track set finds an experimental Ozuna dipping his toes in dembow (“Perreo y Dembow”), merengue and techno (“Un Lio”), Brazilian funk (“Cielos Rosado”), EDM (“La Suzi”), and pop-rock (“La Copa”), without losing touch with his signature reggaetón romantico, as heard in “Favorita,” “Vida,” and “Mañana.” Notably, the urban act collaborates with a wave of reggaetón veterans and newcomers, including Chencho Corleone, Arcangel, Feid, and El Cherry, to name a few.
But beyond its infectious collabs and innovative tracks, Ozutochi pays homage to Ozuna’s Puerto Rican and Dominican roots, where he also teams up with Boricuan and Dominican producers to deliver an authentic production with trending local sounds.
Ozutochi follows the artist’s albums Odisea, Aura, Nibiru, ENOC, and his collaborative set with Anuel AA, Los Dioses, all of which reached No. 1 on the Billboard Top Latin Albums chart.