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Orion (2-CD) - Los de la Nazza

Titel : Orion (2-CD)

Artiest(en) : Los de la Nazza

Genre : Reggaeton

Medium : Dubbel CD

Jaar : 09-2015

Label : El Cartel

€ 20,90


2015 release. Los de la Nazza (Musicólogo & Menes) has previously released six full length studio albums and have become some of the most popular reggaeton albums of the past 5 years. Musicologo & Menes are widely regarded as the top producers in the urban Latin market, producing tracks for Daddy Yankee, Prince Royce, J Alvarez, Farruko and many more.
Orion is the ninth volume and latest volume from "Los De La Nazza", it was released as a two part album. The first part of the album is named "Orion: Ride of the Universe" and the second part is named "Orion: The Lost Constellation". Both were scheduled to be released in August 28, 2015. However, they were leaked on to the internet August 10, forcing Musicólogo & Menes to release them earlier than expected. The first part`s (Ride of The Universe) musical style is based on theme park songs, often with spooky melodies. The music video for the song "Tumba La Casa", performed by Alexio "La Bestia", was released on March 26, 2015. It was the first music video for this album.
Second part (The Lost Constellation) has more of a traditional reggaetón feel to it. The music video for the song "Lonely", performed by Farruko, was released on May 18, 2015 on Telemundo`s Al Rojo Vivo and you can watch It on YouTube. This is also the second music video from this album
Released on El Cartel Records, Daddy Yankee`s record company.
DISC 1: Orion: Ride of The Universe:
1. Welcome to Orion
2. Tumba La Casa (feat. Alexio "La Bestia")
3. Voy Por Ahí (feat. Luigi 21 Plus)
4. Abracadabra (feat. Kendo Kaponi)
5. En Alta (feat. Pusho)
6. Perreo Sólido (feat. Jowell & Randy)
7. Si El Mundo Se Acabara (feat. Justin Quiles)
8. Quiere Calle (feat. Farruko)
9. Acurrucao (feat. Chyno Nyno)
10. Juanka En Orion (feat. Juanka "El Problematik")
11. Party En Orion (feat. Angel Y Khriz)
12. Ride of The Universe
DISC 2: Orion: The Lost Constellation
1. Quiero Tenerte Aquí (feat. Zion & Lennox)
2. Noche Fría (feat. Kendo Kaponi & Yomo)
3. Imagínate (feat. Tony Dize)
4. Ésta Noche (feat. Ronald "El Killa" & Jory Boy)
5. Espejo (feat. Ozuna & De La Ghetto)
6. Suena El Boom (feat. Falsetto Y Sammy)
7. Cae La Noche (feat. Ñengo Flow)
8. Su Corazón Le Robo (feat. Limitz)
9. No Sé Qué Tienes (feat. Kelmitt)
10. Falsas Mentiras (feat. Ozuna)
11. Lonely (feat. Farruko)
12. Quiero Estar Contigo (feat. Nicky Jam)
13. Infiel (feat. Kent & Tony)
14. Cuéntame Tu Historia (feat. J Alvarez)