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Vale Tudo (LP) - Sandra Sá

Titel : Vale Tudo (LP)

Artiest(en) : Sandra Sá

Genre : Vinyl: LPs nieuw

Medium : Vinyl

Jaar : 05-2022

Label : Mr Bongo

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Brazilian boogie masterpiece from 1983 feat. Tim Maia, and more. Sandra Sá - Vale Tudo. LP
Released in 1983, Sandra Sá`s `Vale Tudo` is one of the essential Brazilian-boogie-funk records of the era. Pure class throughout, with a dream team of incredible musicians and producers behind the scenes. For some, this album is regarded as Sandra`s magnum opus.
It is drenched in the essence of the Brazilian 80s boogie and funk sound. A driving force behind this is the writing, arrangement, and musicianship of Lincoln Olivetti, who was instrumental in forging this unique sound within Brazilian production at the time. It is heightened even further by the astonishing team that feature on the record. Brazilian icon and heavyweight Tim Maia, Robson Jorge, Serginho Trombone, Oberdan Magalhães, Claudio Stevenson and Jamil Joanes (of Banda Black Rio fame), Junior Mendes, the list goes on. This crew of musicians synergised perfectly with Sandra`s vocal style, all complementing each other to create a classic.
1. Trem Da Central
2. Candura
3. Pela Cidade
4. Onda Negra
5. Gamação
1. Vale Tudo
2. Guarde Minha Voz
3. Terra Azul
4. Musa
5. Só As Estrelas