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El Cartel: The Big Boss - Daddy Yankee

Titel : El Cartel: The Big Boss

Artiest(en) : Daddy Yankee

Genre : Reggaeton

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2007

Label : Cartel

€ 15,00


EL CARTEL: THE BIG BOSS is het 2007 album van reggaeton superster Daddy Yankee.
When 2004`s BARRIO FINO became one of reggaeton`s best selling albums, and one of the genre`s defining documents, Daddy Yankee was elevated to iconic status. That status was helped by the release of BARRIO FINO EN DIRECTO, a set of live recordings, videos, and new singles released in 2005, but fans had to wait until 2007 for a new studio album. That wait was rewarded with EL CARTEL: THE BIG BOSS, a collection that arguably tops the now-classic BARRIO FINO in ambition and appeal.
At 80 minutes and 21 tracks, EL CARTEL is a sprawling achievement, offering up no shortage of skittering, head-nodding beats, lightning-quick rhymes, and colorful, genre-twisting samples. The album features numerous collaborations with U.S. pop musicians, including Fergie, Akon, will.i.am, and others, ensuring Daddy Yankee`s crossover success with English-language audiences, and broadening the artist`s already widespread international appeal. Over half the album`s tracks sound tailor-made for the singles chart, and its wild, danceable grooves and top-tier production throughout makes it a prime candidate for the summer party album of 2007.
1. Jefe
2. En Sus Marcas Listos Fuera
3. Cambio
4. Fuera de Control
5. Impacto
6. Ella Me Levantó
7. A lo Clásico
8. Bring It On (featuring Akon)
9. Who`s Your Daddy?
10. El Celular
11. Ven Dámelo
12. Papi Lover (featuring Nicole Scherzinger)
13. Qué Pasó!
14. Mensaje de Estado
15. Tensión (featuring Héctor "El Father")
16. Soy Lo Que Soy
17. Coraza Divina (additional voices by Hector "El Father")
18. Plane to PR (featuring will.i.am)
19. Me Quedaría
20. Todos Quieren a Raymond
21. Impacto (Remix) (featuring Fergie)