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De Camina Pa La Cima - J Alvarez

Titel : De Camina Pa La Cima

Artiest(en) : J Alvarez

Genre : Reggaeton

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2014

Label : Sony

€ 16,99


De Camino Pa` La Cima provides a refreshing mix of modern beats and several collaborations but preserves what is truly the most essential element of the artist: the essence of Reggaeton. The year 2013 was filled with significant milestones for the artists including numerous appearances oat some of the most important music events around the world.
The manifesto of J Alvarez is to create a modern form of reggaeton influenced more by R&B than hip-hop. If the success of his last single, "La Pregunta" -- number eight on the year-end Hot Latin Songs chart, receiving more than 25 million YouTube views -- is any indicator, he`s on his way. His debut Sony offering, De Camino Pa` La Cima, doesn`t completely forsake the old-school -- one can hear it in the swaggering rap on album-opener "Te Cambiamos el Juego" -- but there`s a new whole new flavor at work here. Check the rippling synth grooves of "Háblame de Ti," the souled-out midtempo electronic ballad "Siempre Me Llamas," the monstrous hook in the dancefloor slammer "La Tempuratura," and the edgy electro strut in closer "Dándote Calor."
1. Te Cambiamos El Juego
2. El Duelo
3. Como Nunca
4. Hablame de Ti
5. Quiere Llegar (feat. Zion)
6. La Cita
7. Buscandote (feat. Mackie)
8. Hacerte Volar
9. La Temperatura
10. Amor En Practica
11. Mirandonos
12. Siempre Me Llamas
13. Un Poco Más
14. Como Explicarte
15. Dandote Calor