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Three In One - Morgan Heritage

Titel : Three In One

Artiest(en) : Morgan Heritage

Genre : Reggae

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2003

Label : VP

€ 6,90


Morgan Heritage is the first family of reggae music. They have consistently shown themselves to be one of reggae`s most compelling acts on record and stage. They have shared the stage with Stevie Wonder, Johnny Cash, Sugar Ray and others. works. The Morgan stage show has blessed international festivals. In Three In One the Morgan present a range of songs illustrating the varied influences that they have encountered along their musical and journey. Three In One makes both a spiritual and musical reference. Blending classic reggae riddems with vocal and song writing influences as diverse as Curtis Mayfield and Kurt Cobain. The trinity of the Morgan`s music is roots, rock and reggae.
The track "Jump Around" is one example of the hybrid formula the group has developed through the four studio albums of the VP Records / 71 Records partnership. The track is taken even further with guest performances from members of the rock group Good Charlotte. Also bubbling at reggae radio is "What"s Going On"  (a Morgan original, stating the need for more reggae on radio). Other notable tracks on the album include, "Judge Not", "A Man In Love" and "Ah Who Dem" featuring Junior Kelly.
1. Jump Around
2. Ah Who Dem (featuring Junior Kelly)
3. The Truth
4. Rebel
5. A Man Is Still A Man
6. Everything Is Still Everything
7. A Man In Love
8. She`s Still Loving Me
9. Judge Not
10. Works To Do (Pt. 1)
11. Nice Up U Medi
12. Anti-War Song (Someone Knows)
13. Meant II Be
14. A Few Words
15. What`s Going On
16. In The Ghetto (featuring Anthony B.)
17. Falling Race
18. Massive Rock
19. Jump Around (remix)