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Rebel Tumbao - Rebel Tumbao

Titel : Rebel Tumbao

Artiest(en) : Rebel Tumbao

Genre : Reggae, Latin-jazz

Medium : CD

Jaar : 02-2015

Label : Sacred Rhythm

€ 16,90


Lekkere Afro-Latin-Roots-Reggae. Rebel Tumbao is collaboration between the timbalero, Jose Claussell, who fronts Eddie Palmieri’s band and the keyboards artist Matt Jenson. In addition this album has been produced and crafted to perfection by Mr. Claussell’s Dj brother, Joaquin. This has turned the recording into something that is shaped as one of those products that are deeply socially conscious as well as a sleek package both in terms of music as well as in its presentation. This is rare for an independent production and speaks to the determination of the musicians and their producer to keep a sharp eye on art as well as commerce here. This is a group that will go far in the world of music as they will always stay fresh and committed to the causes that they seem to confront in their progress towards the ultimate unification of the social contradictions they face along their artistic journey.
Personnel: José Claussell: percussion; Matt Jenson: piano, keyboards, drumset, percussion and vocals; Toussaint Yeshua: lead vocals; Orlando Vega: congas and batá; Anthony Carillo: percussion; Rubén Rodriguez: bass; Catherine Russell: backing vocals; Cleveland Jones: backing vocals; Darcel Wilson: backing vocals (10); Scott Flynn: trombone (9); Manolo Mairena: güiro, Spanish backing vocals and rap (1); Herman Olivera: Spanish lead vocal (1, 2) Marcos Bermúdez: Spanish lead vocal (4)
1. The Story
2. Natural Mystic
3. A Love Supreme / Exodus
4. Them Belly Full / El Frugio / La Protesta
5. Masters of Greed
6. Spare a Nickel
7. Turn Your Lights Down Low
8. Your First Million
9. Muse
10. Sun is Shining
11. Rebel Music