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Life & Times - Lucky Dube

Titel : Life & Times

Artiest(en) : Lucky Dube

Genre : Reggae

Medium : Dubbel CD

Jaar : 2012

Label : Metro

€ 12,90


Life & Times, Essential 2-CD collection - Lucky Dube. Mooie, dubbele verzamelaar van de veel te vroeg (43 jaar) overleden reggae ster uit Zuid Africa.

On an October evening in 2007, while dropping off two of his children, Lucky Dube became the victim of a botched carjacking. His death at only 43 was a premature end to one of the most remarkable musical careers South Africa has known. Born into poverty he rose as a musician in the Zulu tradition before his heartfelt reinvention as a reggae artist brought fame throughout the world. With some of his greatest reggae recordings, early Zulu hits and later crucial live performances, our 2CDs give a full and rounded picture of this much-missed musician. Union Square Music are very proud to present a new range of 36 specially packaged releases from the Metro stable. Each of these fabulous titles are packaged in a six-panel digipack and come with a collectors` 24 page full colour fold-out poster.
DISC 1 (reggae) :
1. Rastas Never Die
2. Fresh Air
3. Think About the Children
4. Slave
5. I`ve Got You Babe
6. Together as One
7. War & Crime
8. House of Exile
9. It`s Not Easy
10. Victims
11. Lovers In a Dangerous Time
12. Feel Irie
13. Guns & Roses
14. The Way It Is
15. Money Money Money
16. Respect
DISC 2 (Mbaqanga&live) :
1. Kudala Ngikuncenga (Live)
2. Lomuzi (Live)
3. Yinilent’ Oyifuna Kimi (Live)
4. Abathakathi (Live)
5. Sondela (Live)
6. Ngivika Izagila (Live)
7. Angeke Ngikukhohlwe (Live)
8. Kwathula Umoya (Live)
9. Ngikewthembe Na? (Live)
10. Umadakeni (Live)
11. Asibavumele (Live)
12. Amabhubesi (Live)
13. Ungabomshay’umfazi (Live)
14. Welcome Baba (Live)
15. Different Colours (Live)
16. Back To My Roots (Live)
17. Prisoner (Live)
18. Remember Me (Live)
19. Truth In The World (Live)