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I can Feel Your Pain - Gyptian

Titel : I can Feel Your Pain

Artiest(en) : Gyptian

Genre : Reggae, Dancehall

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2008

Label : VP

€ 7,90


Contemporary reggae singer Gyptian blends his love of classic roots reggae with urban contemporary R&B on 2008`s I CAN FEEL YOUR PAIN. While the singer shows he`s capable of stirring protest music on tracks like "Keep You Calm" and "Nobody No Cry," he seems most comfortable on smoothed out, R&B-drenched songs like the title track and "Thanks and Praise." In addition to showcasing his emotive falsetto, these cuts prove Gyptian capable of achieving an effective R&B/reggae fusion while making an equally compelling bid for crossover success.
1. Keep Your Calm
2. Nobody No Cry
3. I Can Feel Your Pain
4. Where`s My Baby
5. Love Against the Wall
6. World Is Caving In
7. Touch
8. Thanks and Praise
9. Too Bad Mind
10. Sensi
11. More Money
12. More Love
13. Guide Me