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Dreadlocks The Time Is Now - Gladiators

Titel : Dreadlocks The Time Is Now

Artiest(en) : Gladiators

Genre : Reggae

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2004

Label : Virgin

€ 7,90


Gladiators - Dreadlocks The Time Is Now, top verzamel CD van een de beste Jamaicaanse reggae vocal groups.
Drawing on the cream of The Gladiator`s four Front Line albums from 1976-1980 Dreadlocks The Time Is Now is a welcome reissue from Virgin. Built around the imposing talents of Albert Griffiths, the band had passed through several line-up changes before Clinton Fearon and Gallimore Sutherland completed the trio and established themselves as one of Jamaica`s premier roots acts. The subtle power of their vocal talents is much in evidence on each of these 19 tracks.
Opener "Mix Up" -a re-recording of an earlier Studio One hit, "Bongo Red" -is indicative of the Gladiator sound. Against a relentlessly driving rhythm (courtesy of Sly Dunbar) Griffiths, Fearon and Sutherland trade vocals in an infectious call-and-response style. The remainder of1976`s Trenchtown Mix Up, which constitutes the bulk of tracks here, follows suit. On the likes of "Looks Is Deceiving" and "Soul Rebel" their harmonies verge on the telepathic - sweetening Griffith`s overtly conscious lyrics. The head bobbing "Rude Boy Ska" even revisits the band`s earliest incarnation as backing band for The Ethiopians 1968 hit "Last Train To Skaville."
This is a vital collection of one of the 70`s greatest reggae bands, and an excellent starting point for any Bob Marley fan wanting a wider appreciation of the era`s music.
1. Mix Up (3:01)
2. Belly Full (2:19)
3. Looks Is Deceiving (2:32)
4. Chatty Chatty Mouth (3:17)
5. Soul Rebel (3:57)
6. Eli Eli (3:05)
7. Hearsay (3:06)
8. Rude Boy Ska (2:26)
9. Dreadlocks The Time Is Now (3:02)
10. Jah Works (3:29)
11. Pocket Money (3:13)
12. Get Ready (3:54)
13. Stick A Bush (2:25)
14. Write To Me (4:18)
15. Naturality (4:02)
16. Struggle (3:24)
17. A Day We Go (3:20)
18. Sweet So Till (4:05)
19. Hello Carol (3:37)