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Boombastic Collection - Shaggy

Titel : Boombastic Collection

Artiest(en) : Shaggy

Genre : Reggae, Reggae/Dancehall

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2008

Label : Universal

€ 9,90


The Boombastic Collection contains all the hits missing from its competition including the big one-two punch of "It Wasn`t Me" and "Church Heathen," abd the earlier singles "Boombastic" and "Oh Carolina," plus the electronically pumped cover of "In the Summertime. The great sequencing of this compilation almost makes up for it and while this disc is packed at 18 tracks long, this is high caliber dancehall the whole way through and varied enough to keep things interesting. Following the singer from the `80s electro dancehall sound to the R&B-injected reggae of 2008 with all the flavors in between, The Boombastic Collection is a near perfect representation of Shaggy`s career and a great argument that he`s reggae`s most popular crossover artist since Bob Marley.
1. Boombastic
2. Strength of a Woman
3. Angel (with Rayvon)
4. Hey Sexy Lady (with Brian & Tony Gold)
5. Feel the Rush
6. Those Days (with Na`Sha)
7. Don`t Ask Her That (with Nicole Scherzinger)
8. It Wasn`t Me (with Ricardo "RikRok" Ducent)
9. Hope (with Mister Mydas)
10. In the Summertime
11. Luv Me, Luv Me (with Samantha Cole)
12. Oh Carolina
13. Ready Fi Di Ride
14. Church Heathen
15. Leave It To Me (with Brian & Tony Gold)
16. Would You Be
17. Wild 2nite (with Olivia)
18. Gone With Angels