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Psychedelic Goes Latin (LP) - Lebron Brothers

Titel : Psychedelic Goes Latin (LP)

Artiest(en) : Lebron Brothers

Genre : Vinyl: LPs nieuw

Medium : Vinyl

Jaar : 1967

Label : Cotique

€ 17,90


Reïssue van Lebron Brothers Orchestra "Psychedelic Goes Latin" album uit 1967 met veel boogaloo.
This was one of the late-`60s productions that opened a new era in Latin music; as the boogaloo fad was in full splendor, the choices between the R&B-influenced fad and son montuno were too prevalent. The Lebrón Brothers managed to concoct their urban style into a crowd-pleasing success. "Summertime Blues," "Tall Tale," "Mary, Mary," and "My Cool Boogaloo" are fireworks in this highly eclectic production, the first for the band. Listen closely for the kinetic "Mi Mambo" and the bittersweet "Mala Suerte."
1. Summertime Blues (4:40)
2. Suena (5:52)
3. Tall Tale (4:20)
4. Mi Mambo (4:55)
1. Mary, Mary (4:30)
2. My Cool Boogaloo (4:50)
3. Mala Suerte (3:05)
4. Descarga Lebron (5:17)