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Numero Tres (LP) - Ocho

Titel : Numero Tres (LP)

Artiest(en) : Ocho

Genre : Vinyl: LPs nieuw

Medium : Vinyl

Jaar : 1974

Label : West Side Latino

€ 16,90


The killer 3rd album by this legendary Latin group from 1974. The set`s a very tasty batch of Latin jazz, Latin funk, and a few straighter Latin cuts  and it`s possibly their toughest album to find in the original. The group gets hot and heavy on a Latin version of James Brown`s "Hot Pants Road" , done in a stone funky style that would make the JBs proud, and other nice groovers include "Guaguanco Rumbero", "Ritmo De Pollos", and "Anibondad", all tight Latin numbers with a very tuff edge, and that change-up-the-groove sound that was bursting out of the young Latin scene in New York during the 70s!
Side A:
1. Guaguanco Margarito (4:11)
2. Hot Pants Road (4:34)
3. Colando, Siempre Colando (3:51)
4. Anibondad (3:45)
Side B:
1. El Piraguero (3:51)
2. Ritmo De Pollos (2:39)
3. Le Cosa Se Pone Fuerte      
4. Ginguanco Rumbero (5:14)