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Na Cambança (LP) - Super Mama Djombo

Titel : Na Cambança (LP)

Artiest(en) : Super Mama Djombo

Genre : Vinyl: LPs nieuw

Medium : Vinyl

Jaar : 1978

Label : Mar & Sol

€ 21,90


2019 reïssue on Mar&Sol label from this 1978 album.

1. Cambança Djombo
2. N`simba
3. Seiango
4. Ramédi Cu Kata Cura
1. Pamparira 79
2. Luta Kana Maina Nº 1
3. Sûr di Nô Pubis
4. Amélia Mané
Super Mama Djombo is a band from Guinea Bissau who sing in Guinea-Bissau Creole. The band was formed in the mid-1960s, at a Boy Scout camp, when the members were only children (the youngest was six years old). Mama Djombo is the name of a spirit that many fighters appealed to for protection during Guinea-Bissau`s War of Independence.
In 1978, the group traveled to Cuba and appeared on the eleventh youth music festival in Havana.[citation needed] Early in 1980, they went to Lisbon and recorded six hours of material. The first album Na cambança was released the same year, and the song Pamparida, which was based on a children`s song, became a huge hit throughout West Africa