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Viva Cubop - various

Titel : Viva Cubop

Artiest(en) : various

Genre : Latin-jazz, Salsa

Medium : CD

Jaar : 1999

Label : Cubop

€ 19,90


Steamy latin jazz on Viva Cubop compilation. One of the brightest lights in the `90s Afro-Cuban jazz scene, Cubop sports great recordings from several generations of Latin jazz musicians (from the `50s to the `90s), including Francisco Aguabella, Pucho, Bobby Matos, Snowboy, and the Afro-Rican Ensemble. Viva Cubop! compiles the best tracks from Cubop`s artists, most recorded in the late `90s. Though there`s an ineffable feeling that these artists are looking back to the `60s and `70s (given the acid jazz orientation of Cubop`s mother label, Ubiquity), they`re no less brilliant for it. Bobby Matos` sublime cover of "The Creator Has a Master Plan" is one of the best ever of an often-covered song, and "Malanga" by Cuban Roots is a dense, percussion-heavy reworking of a track originally recorded on one of the great forgotten Latin jazz albums of the `60s, 1967`s Cuban Roots. There are many other excellent contributions, including Pucho`s "Descarga on Las Palmas," Johnny Blas` cover of Freddie Hubbard`s "Little Sunflower," and Snowboy`s "Tierra Va Tamblar.
1. Cuban Roots - Malanga (6:07)
2. Francisco Aguabella - Asi Son Bronco (5:22)
3. Papo Vazquez - The Last Dynasty (6:18)
4. Bobby Matos - The Creator Has A Master Plan (6:21)
5. Pucho & The Latin Soul Brothers - Descarga On Las Palmas (6:22)
6. Johnny Blas - Little Sunflower (5:06)
7. Snowboy - Tierra Va Temblar (6:11)
8. John Santos And The Machete Ensemble - Descarga Iyawo (3:44)
9. Har-You Percussion Group - Santa Cruz (5:54)
10. Francisco Aguabella - Cavalie (3:19)
11. Bobby Matos - Philadelphia (7:13)
12. The Afro-Rican Enseble - Tanga (5:50)
13. Johnny Blas - Picadillo (11:09)