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Tito Puente Masterworks - Bobby Sanabria

Titel : Tito Puente Masterworks

Artiest(en) : Bobby Sanabria

Genre : Latin-jazz

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2011

Label : Jazzheads

€ 16,90


The spirit of Tito Puente comes alive with a riveting live concert, wonderfully recorded, on Tito Puente Masterworks Live!!!. Percussionist Bobby Sanabria fires up the exceptionally talented Manhattan School of Music Afro-Cuban Jazz Orchestra in an energetic performance, just as he did on Kenya Revisited Live!!! (Jazzheads, 2009), this time showing maestro Puente`s depth, majesty, complexity and artistry.This CD was nominated for a Latin Grammy in 2011 and critically acclaimed by reviewers and by the members of the Puente family who were at the performance. It`s virtuosic in its execution (this student band performs on the level of professional bands) and an incredible tribute to El Maestro. I would highly recommend this CD (and anything by Sanabria) as a great introduction to Latin jazz and jazz--not only is the music incredible and accessible to jazz aficionados and newcomers to the music, but every Sanabria CD is a history lesson as well (always great liner notes). And, when purchasing jazz for your enjoyment you are also advocating for it because the proceeds from this CD go to the scholarship fund at the Manhattan School of Music.

1. Intro / Elegua Changó (5:01)
2. Picadillo (8:28)
3. Bohemia (Birdland) After Dark (4:47)
4. Autumn Leaves (5:00)
5. Cuban Nightmare (8:21)
6. Mambo Buddha (3:14)
7. Ran Kan Kan (4:05)
8. Alegre Cha-Cha-Cha (4:07)
9. Ritual Fire Dance (4:30)
10. Yambeque (4:00)
11. Me Acuerdo De Ti (4:01)
12. Mambo Beat (7:46)
13. Mambo Adonis (8:17)