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Spain - Michel Camilo & Tomatito

Titel : Spain

Artiest(en) : Michel Camilo & Tomatito

Genre : Latin-jazz, Flamenco

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2000

Label : Verve

€ 19,90


This dynamic duo of Dominican pianist-composer Michel Camilo and Spanish flamenco guitarist Tomatito is an intricate improvisational exchange that traverses the Afro-Iberian world, from the Moorish castles of Alhambra to the azure-tinged Caribbean coasts of Havana and Santo Domingo. Camilo and Tomatito met in Spain in the early 1990s, performed together in 1997, and toured in the summer of 1999. Camilo`s florid and fleet-fingered, classically trained pianism is a beautiful counterpoint to Tomatito`s passionate, plectral poetry, which combines the precision of the great classical guitarist Andrés Segovia and the flair of Paco De Lucia. Together, they reinterpret the works of several Latin composers with vigor and vitality, including Consuelo Velazquez`s immortal bolero/cancion, "Besame Mucho," and Luis Salinas`s elegant "Aire de Tango." Camilo`s "Two Much/Love Theme" and Tomatito`s "La Vacilona" highlight the depth and breadth of their interplay. They reach their zenith on "Spain Intro," their incredible adapted Joaquin Rodrigo`s Concierto de Aranjuez, which silkily segues into the sensual Gypsy dance of Chick Corea`s "Spain." Let`s hope that these two will continue to explore the pan-Hispanic inventions and dimensions of their shared musical heritage.
1. Spain Intro
2. Spain
3. Besame Mucho
4. A Mi Nino Jose
5. Two Much/Love Theme
6. Para Troilo Y Salgan
7. La Vacilona
8. Aire De Tango