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Multiverse - Bobby Sanabria

Titel : Multiverse

Artiest(en) : Bobby Sanabria

Genre : Latin-jazz

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2012

Label : Jazzheads

€ 15,00


Five stars! Virtuoso percussionist, conductor, and music director Bobby Sanabria`s "Multiverse" is a fiery, hard-driving latin jazz masterpiece that is both a burning orchestral experience and a latin jazz history lesson. From beginning to end, it has lengthy songs which are full of smoking orchestral arrangements, hot claves, mid-song tempo changes, and sensational vocal and instrumental solos. Señor Sanabria places himself directly in line with major latin jazz exponents such as Mario Bauza, Tito Puente, Chico O`Farrill, Dizzy Gillespie, and Eddie Palmieri.
The `best of the best` begins with the boiler-works rhythms and solos of "The French Connection", with a burning, unbelievable dijeridoo solo which sets the stage for the rest of this diverse masterpiece recording. The marvelous Rafael Hernandez composition "Cachita" begins with a hot Sanabria-driven clave and surges into the theme and a sizzling, convoluted Jeff Lederer tenor sax solo. "Over the Rainbow" is a lush beautiful latin jazz orchestra extravaganza sung with passion by Charanee` Wade. "Que Viva Candido!" is a flaming tribute to the legendary `conguero`. "Broken Heart" begins with a David Dejesus solo soprano sax that lights a fuse for the orchestra, including terrific tenor sax and trumpet solos. And perhaps, best of all, is the fiery 12 minute, multi-part "Afro-Cuban Jazz Suite for Ellington" with many Duke quotes; plus a magical vocal & instrumental `history of latin jazz personalities` with "The Chicken/From Havana to Harlem-100 Years of Mario Bauza" ending with the voice of poet Caridad "La Bruja" De La Luz over a smoking latin rhythm section, as she gives poetic evidence to the heavy historical influence of latin jazz legends such as Chano Pozo. In all, a towering performance by an excellent orchestra of heavyweight musicians under Bobby Sanabria`s majestic leadership and it gets my Highest Recommendation. (10 tracks, Time: 76:12)
1. Fench Connection (5:52)
2. Cachita (9:39)
3. Jump Shot (5:36)
4. Over The Rainbow (7:02)
5. Que Viva Candido! (7:58)
6. Wordsworth Ho! (4:46)
7. Speak No Evil (4:47)
8. Broken Hearted (8:10)
9. Afro-Cuban Jazz Suite For Ellington (13:40)
10. The Chicken/From Havana To Harlem- 100 Years of Mario Bauza (8:48)