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Live - Palo!

Titel : Live

Artiest(en) : Palo!

Genre : Latin-jazz, Cuba

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2014

Label : Rolling Pin

€ 19,90


Meer Afro-Cubaanse funky timba op PALO!`s 2e album (2014 release) van deze uit 5 personen bestaande band uit Miami. Het album is niet echt LIVE want in de studio in 1 take opgenomen, in ieder geval geen publiek hoorbaar.
The infectious sound of los timbales and bongos fuse with the keyboard as the sax and vocals crescendo. In a matter of seconds, a seductive melody reverberates throughout the room, prompting the party people to involuntarily and uncontrollably shake their asses. They have caught Palo! fever. For more than a decade, the Afro-Cuban funk band has been bringing el sonido caliente to the Magic City. Steve Roitstein, who also teaches at Miami Dade College, is the Palo! mastermind. Prior to becoming the leader of the band, el músico worked with Willy Chirino, Julio Iglesias, and other Latin music legends. He even snagged a Latin Grammy in 2001 for a song he produced for Celia Cruz. Success was definitely on his side, but Roitstein wanted to create something he could call his own. So Palo! was born. The descarga masters may share the same name as the Afro-Cuban religion, but the story behind their moniker comes from a Cuban man who couldn`t pronounce Roitstein`s first name. To help him out, Roitstein explained it was like "Esteban" but in English. That`s when el cubano corrected him by saying, "Ah, Estick!" Because the word palo is Spanish for "stick," the band name was born
PALO! is nominated for a 2015 Grammy and a 2014 Latin Grammy for their album “PALO! Live”. They perform their own brand of music they call “Afro-Cuban Funk”. Just think “jazzed-up salsa”, or better yet, listen to some of their music. The group’s unique, danceable sound blends the allure of Cuban music with funky beats and jazzy improvisation.
PALO!’s catchy original songs feature the sultry vocals of Latin Grammy-nominated Leslie Cartaya and the impromptu virtuosity of legendary saxophonist Ed Calle. The scorching percussion and vocals of Philbert Armenteros and Raymer Olalde punctuate their performances with Cuban fire. Producer/pianist Steve Roitstein (Celia Cruz, Willy Chirino, Tito Puente, Cheo Feliciano, Oscar d’ Leon) fuses these elements with a foundation of edgy, unforgettable rhythms.
The New York Post proclaims “Afro-Cuban Funk is Cuban music for the new generation. And the leader of the sound is the Miami based band PALO!”
1. Dale Palo (4:56)
2. La Malanga Resbala (6:05)
3. Fumando (5:44)
4. Mi Proteccion (live) (6:12)
5. Crescencio (live) (7:06)
6. Lengua Larga (live) (5:26)
7. Camina Con Los Codos (live) (4:48)
8. Tabaco y Ron Pa` Mi Santa (live) (5:12)
9. Pa` Chango (7:21)
10. El Festin De Santiago (5:42)