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Jazz on the Latin Side All Stars - vol.2

Titel : Jazz on the Latin Side All Stars

Artiest(en) : vol.2

Genre : Latin-jazz

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2001

Label : Cubop

€ 19,90


In the tradition of Vol. 1, Jazz on the Latin Side Allstars, Vol. 2 is a pleasure-packed tour de force of the finest Latin musicians the West Coast has to offer. With more than a few opportunities to hear these legends, giants, and young lions solo and strut their stuff, it`s little wonder that these projects were such a breakout success. Because of the visionary nature of the group`s leader, José Rizo, Latin music lovers everywhere have a chance to hear some of their favorite players in a fresh context. So often when these "all-star" groups are formed, they are bound by playing material so conventional that the performances end up stale. There`s a fine line between "tried and true" and "worn thin." Luckily, Rizo realizes that, and there`s plenty of bebop and timba mixed in with the cha cha and mambo. The inclusion of next-generation players like drummer Cougar Estrada and bass player Rene Camacho alongside the style`s founding fathers like Al McKibbon and Francisco Aguabella creates a vital and lively conversation. Having been recorded live in front of a nightclub audience creates a vibrant and energetic sonic space. With consistently amazing, lively performances and excellent live production, you can just about smell the mojitos and cerveza. Very nice latin-jazz on the Cubop label, 2001 release
1. Intro (0:17)
2. Descarga Borgers (6:20)
3. Jazz On The Latin Side (8:52)
4. Presentimiento (6:00)
5. What If? (5:30)
6. Mambo Niles (7:48)
7. McKibbon Walks The Talk (20:20)