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Jazz on the Latin Side All Stars - vol.1

Titel : Jazz on the Latin Side All Stars

Artiest(en) : vol.1

Genre : Latin-jazz

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2000

Label : Cubop

€ 19,90


Jose Rizo presenter of a very fine Latin jazz radio shows (Jazz on the Latin Side) in Long Beach. On January 7, 2000, a special tribute concert took place at B.B. King`s in Universal City, featuring many of Los Angeles` top Afro-Cuban performers. What is particularly unusual about the release is that Rizo (who is not really a musician) wrote five of the six selections that are performed (all but "Descarga Cachao"). The songs all serve as very viable devices for the strong playing of the all-stars. Among the many soloists heard from are violinist Susie Hansen, trombonist Art Velasco, flutist Danilo Loranzo, altoist Robert Incelli, Justo Almario on tenor, the exciting trumpeter Ramon Flores, pianist Otamario Ruiz, drummer Cougar Estrada, and percussionists Alex Acuna and Francisco Aguabella. Bassist Al McKibbon and Poncho Sanchez also make appearances. Lots of joyful spirits and music are heard on this enjoyable set. Cubop label, 2000, latin-jazz.
1. Intro (0:16)
2. Shortcuts (6:32)
3. Mujer Chicana (7:29)
4. Arabian Moods (9:36)
5. Mamacita Caravana (8:24)
6. In A Whisper (4:35)
7. Descarga Cachao (15:48)