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Heritage - Richard Bona & Mandekan Cubano

Titel : Heritage

Artiest(en) : Richard Bona & Mandekan Cubano

Genre : Latin-jazz, African/World

Medium : CD

Jaar : 06-2016

Label : Membran

€ 19,99


Het nieuwe album van meester bassist Richard Bona & Mandekan Cubano "Heritage", release 25-06-2016, is erg latin/Cubaans georienteerd
In mei 2016 gaf Bona een geweldig concert in een uitverkocht Paradiso, met dezelfde begenadigde muzikanten als op de CD, zoals ritme tandem Luisito+Roberto Quintero én pianist Osmany Paredes.
1. Aka Lingala Te
2. Bilongo
3. Matanga
4. Jokoh Jokoh
5. Cubaneando
6. Essewe Ya Monique
7. Santa Clara Con Montuno
8. Ngul Mekon
9. Muntala Moto
10. Eva
11. Kivu
12. Kwa Singa
Richard Bona: bas en zang
Rey Alejandre: trombone
Ludwig Afonso: drums
Dennis Hernandez: trompet
Osmany Paredes: piano
Luisito Quintero: percussie
Roberto Quintero: percussie
Fans call him `The African Sting`, writers call him a pro, but it is his unique and electrifying style of connecting with his audience that makes him what he really is - a true musician.
Richard Bona`s seemingly effortless voice, fierce skill on the bass, unique songwriting/arranging expertise and ability to learn just about any instrument simply from watching, position him as a rare African artist to have established an unscalable reputation on an international platform. This has led to a host of awards, along with fruitful collaborations with colleagues such as Bobby McFerrin, Pat Metheny, Joe Zawinul, Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, Paul Simon, John Legend and Stevie Wonder.
Originally from Cameroon, Bona remains true to his roots on `Heritage`, his eighth album as a leader but the first with his Afro-Cuban band Mandekan Cubano. An energetic, life-affirming and truly fantastic album, it explores the alchemy of African rhythms in Cuba. This may seem ambitious, but it sounds as natural and effortless as anything Richard Bona does; together with the Mandekan Cubano ("five A-list veterans of the Latin music scene in New York", Downbeat), he has carefully crafted a fusion of sounds that merge cultures together via their ability to speak the universal language of music