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Further Arrivals - Bye-Ya

Titel : Further Arrivals

Artiest(en) : Bye-Ya

Genre : Latin-jazz

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2009

Label : Challange

€ 15,00


Bye-Ya! - Further Arrivals, 2009 release
Het Nederlandse latin-jazz quintet BYE-YA! bestaat op hun derde album "Futher Arrivals" uit Brian Lynch (USA, trompet), Randal Corsen (piano), Mick Paauwe (babybass), Jens Kerkhof (percussie) en Enrique Firpi (drums).
Glansrol op deze plaat is weg gelegd voor pianist Randall Corsen met Thelonious Monk-achtige improvisaties
It is always very exciting and challenging for a band to record a new album with a different line up and still maintain the sound of the band. Within the first minutes of recording Bye-Ya was assured that their new setup (with Brian Lynch on trumpet and Enrique Firpi on drums) was perfect to achieve the unique Bye-ya!-sound, Latin jazz with a strong emphasis on jazz. Further Arrivals consists mostly of original compositions.
The title song "Further Arrivals" is a composition by Brian, played in a very open Guaguanco-style, it is a Latin-jazz theme in `Bye-ya! tradition`.
"Dance The Way You Want To", another tune of Brian, is a funky Cha-Cha, an Homage to the Boogaloo era.
Descarga #1 is a tune by Mick and is a Cuban style 6/8 descarga.
Another composition of hers is the beautiful ballad "Downunder", played as a Bolero.
"Mellotone" and "Tranquilidad" are two Latin-jazz tunes composed by Randal.
"Tranquilidad" as the only quartet piece on the album is a piano feature with a beautiful Montuno at the end.
1. Further Arrivals (9:14)
2. Descarga #1 (8:22)
3. Mellotone (8:08)
4. Tranquilidad (7:11)
5. Evidence (6:55)
6. Downunder (8:32)
7. Dance the Way You Want To (6:29)
8. Arriba Abajo (7:17)