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Four Questions - Arturo O`Farrill

Titel : Four Questions

Artiest(en) : Arturo O`Farrill

Genre : Latin-jazz

Medium : CD

Jaar : 09-2020

Label : Zoho

€ 19,00


Arturo O`Farrill The Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra - Four Questions

With Four Questions, Arturo O’Farrill proves prescient. On his first album of all self-composed pieces, the Grammy-winning pianist shoulders what he calls his “sacred obligation” to counter injustice. The exhilarating Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra, O’Farrill’s big-band vehicle, delivers both the pith and the punch of his message.
1. Four Questions
2. Baby Jack
3. Jazz Twins
4. Four Questions
5. Clump, Unclump
6. Elijah–1 Kings 19:13
7. Amidst The Fire And Whirlwind
8. Cacophonous
9. A Still, Small Voice.
Personnel: Arturo O’Farrill, Alison Deane, piano; Bobby Porcelli, Ivan Renta, Jeremy Powell, Larry Bustamante, David DeJesus, Peter Brainin, Jason Marshall, saxophone; Bryan Davis, Seneca Black, Adam O’Farrill, John Bailey, David Smith, Jim Seeley, Jonathan Powell, trumpet; Rafi Malkiel, Tokunori Kajiwara, Earl McIntyre, Frank Cohen, trombone, tuba; Gregg August, Ricardo Rodriguez, bass; Tony Rosa, Carly Maldonado, Roland Guerrero, Joe Gonzalez, percussion; Vince Cherico, drums; Dr. Cornel West, Aubrey Johnson, Edda Fransdottir, vocals; Sharon Moe, French horn; DJ Logic, turntables.