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Fire Dance - Jerry Gonzalez

Titel : Fire Dance

Artiest(en) : Jerry Gonzalez

Genre : Latin-jazz

Medium : CD+DVD

Jaar : 1996

Label : Milestone

€ 17,90


Jerry Gonzalez & Fort Apache Band - Fire Dance
Recorded live at Blues Alley, Washington D.C. in February 1996.
Jerry Gonzales and the Fort Apache Band have an invigorating idea going, fusing the front line of bebop to the unstoppable groove of a Latin rhythm section. But this is more a standard-issue hard bop band of the most conventional sort. Gonzales often ruminates thoughtfully in a muted Miles manner circa the 1950s, while John Stubblefield`s earthy bebop tenor adds some soul to the mix, and Joe Ford contributes alto and soprano sax. When Gonzales moves over from the trumpet to the congas, some electric moments begin to emerge as he interacts with Steve Berrios on drums or timbales. Ultimately, though, this live CD does not ignite; perhaps this group could have used a seventh man, a regular Latin percussionist, to mix things up all the time.
Personnel: Jerry Gonzalez (trumpet, flugelhorn, congas); Joe Ford (soprano saxophone, alto saxophone); John Stubblefield (tenor saxophone); Larry Willis (piano); Steve Berrios (drums, percussion)
1. Isabel, the Liberator (15:21)
2. Elegua (8:10)
3. Today`s Nights (10:46)
4. Verdad Amarga (10:59)
5. Let`s Call This (18:19)
6. Ugly Beauty (6:33)