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Eddie Palmieri presents - Sonido Solar

Titel : Eddie Palmieri presents

Artiest(en) : Sonido Solar

Genre : Latin-jazz

Medium : CD

Jaar : 10-2022

Label : Truth Revolution

€ 19,99


SONIDO SOLAR: Een deel van Eddie Palmieri`s begeleidings band met op 2 nummers de maestro zelf op piano. Latin-jazz 2022 CD
Led by Louis Fouché, Jonathan Powell, Zaccai Curtis and Luques Curtis, Sonido Solar is a thrilling passage across the Afro-Cuban jazz songbook, bringing together decades of musical collaboration under the guidance of the legendary Eddie Palmieri.
1. Almendra (8:04)
2. Mambo Influenciado (5:51)
3. Mambo Inn (4:43)
4. Maria Cervantes (7:14)
5. Morning (7:11)
6. Obsesión (6:32)
7. Picadillo (8:33) (feat. Eddie Palmieri)
8. Ran Kan Kan (4:04)
9. Suite 176 (5:49) (feat. Eddie Palmieri)

"Sonido Solar" translates to "Solar Sound" and is a tribute to Palmieri, who is celebrated as “The Sun of Latin Music.” Palmieri, though heard exclusively on tracks 7 and 9, radiates throughout this new enterprise, while his lauded mentee Zaccai Curtis takes the reins on piano throughout the nonet’s eponymous recording. An extraordinary recruitment of Palmieri mentees include Curtis and his brother, bassist Luques Curtis, alto saxophonist Louis Fouché and trumpeter Jonathan Powell at the helm. Fellow members of various Palmieri-led groups join these four co-leaders, including tenor saxophonist Jeremy Powell, trombonist Joe Fiedler and timbalero/trap drummer Camilo Molina, who is joined in the percussion section by Curtis Brothers band conguero Reinaldo De Jesus and Marcos López on bongos and cowbell.