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Cuban Funk Machine - Eliel Lazo

Titel : Cuban Funk Machine

Artiest(en) : Eliel Lazo

Genre : Latin-jazz, Cuba

Medium : CD

Jaar : 03-2015

Label : Stunt

€ 19,90


Eliel Lazo & The Cuban Funk Machine. The Cuban Funk Machine is a Cuban Funk band that blends funk, Jazz, Blues, Timba and Songo rhythms. The band is lead by percussionist, vocalist and Danish Music Award winner Eliel Lazo. Their music Its inspired by the Cuban and North American music from the 70th, specially from bands such as the Head Hunters, Irakere, The Meters and Los Van Van. The Cuban Funk Machine brings a powerful and dynamic energy to the stage and the interplay between the contrasting music styles, makes this band a unique ensemble.
Bob Mintzer (tenor sax&flute), Raciel Jimenez (drums), Per Gade (guitar), Andreas Pålsson (organ), Yasser Pino (bass&voc), Eliel lazo (perc&voc)
1. Deja Vu (6:38)
2. Ta Bueno (5:38)
3. A Ver Que Sale (4:36)
4. Sunny Beach Rumba (3:41)
5. Late Night Zombie (6:33)
6. El Verdadero Amor (3:19)
7. New Songo (6:18)
8. Rapsody in Abakua (10:44)
9. Pina Colada (4:43)

All songs composed and arranged by Eliel Lazo except ``A ver que Sale`` by Juan Formell