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20th Anniversary - Ralph Irizarry

Titel : 20th Anniversary

Artiest(en) : Ralph Irizarry

Genre : Latin-jazz

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2015

Label : Truth Revolution

€ 17,90


Ralph Irizarry has been one of the most sought-after percussionists in the studio and on tours for the last 30 years. Irizarry celebrates the inception of his group Timbalaye on his new project ‘20th Anniversary’, featuring original compositions and arrangements written by past Timbalaye collaborators.
20TH ANNIVERSARY marks the highly anticipated return of master timbalero, Ralph Irizarry and his hard-hitting Latin jazz septet, Timbalaye, whose genesis dates back to 1996, when he created a septet with Latin percussion (timbale and conga) as its focal point over the typical drum set, and combined it with progressive compositions and arrangements, contemporary jazz harmonies, and the rhythms of Puerto Rico, Cuba, Latin America, and Africa.

1. Gotham Town (4:55)
2. Ocean Parkway (5:57)
3. Back in da Hood (5:43)
4. Witch Doctor (5:27)
5. Timbuleria (4:30)
6. Monte Adentro (6:10)
7. La 104 (4:47)
8. P`al Solar (3:36)