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Welcome to Haiti Creole - Wyclef Jean

Titel : Welcome to Haiti Creole

Artiest(en) : Wyclef Jean

Genre : Latin/Caribbean

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2004

Label : Eagle

€ 5,00


2004 album waarop Wyclef terugkeert naar z`n Haitiaanse roots met mix van r&b, soca, hip-hop, reggae + natuurlijk compas. Met gast bijdragen van o.a. Foxy Brown, Buju Banton, T-Vice, Sweet Mickey e.a. Most of the songs are also sung in Creole, a notable exception being the hypnotic "President," with its macabre nursery-rhyme refrain "if i was president, i`d get elected on friday, assassinated on saturday, buried on sunday, back to work on monday," a neat confluence of Haitian magic and merican political realism. The tranquil "Douce," with its sultry backing vocals, is a slow-burner, while the celebratory "Fistibal-festival" is perhaps the most typically caribbean of the tracks on offer here. But Jean`s political message and his dance-floor aspirations find their smoothest blend on upbeat dance tracks "Fanm Kreyol" and "Haitian Mafia" (which features Foxy Brown), offering irresistible beats and rapid-fire creole exhortations that bypass the synapses and go straight for the hips.
1. Jean Dominique Intro
2. 24 é Tan Pour Viv
3. President
4. Bicentennial (featuring Sweet Mickey)
5. Generation X
6. Party By The Sea (featuring T-Vice & Buju Banton)
7. Haitian Mafia (featuring Foxy Brown)
8. Le Ou Marye
9. Fistibal Festival (featuring Melky & Bud)
10. La Bamba (featuring Ro-K & Gammy)
11. Bay Micro`m Volume
12. Proud To Be African (featuring 2Face, Sound Sultan & Faze)
13. Douce
14. La Vie Ghetto" (featuring Passi)
15. Nou Va Rive
16. Lavi New York" (Featuring Buggah)
17. Fanm Kreyol (featuring Admiral T)