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Welcome To Haiti - T-Vice

Titel : Welcome To Haiti

Artiest(en) : T-Vice

Genre : Latin/Caribbean

Jaar : 2010

€ 15,00


"Welcome To Haïti" is het 2010 studio album van T-Vice met paar heel strakke uptempo tracks en wat compas-love. Volgens Most Wanted hun beste CD tot heden, mede door inbreng van zanger Olivier Duret, die overigens de groep al weer verlaten heeft. CD met een lekkere directe sound gericht op de dansvloer.
Welcome to Haiti has a lot of potential. This is it, which feature Tjoe Zenith, in it`s own right can be the major hit on the album. Toi et Moi appears to be a sign of growth for T-vice, and Welcome To Haiti is the stand out as lyrically it is more mature with surprising gems like Tampri souple with Olivier Dupoux and Mwen Damou. Fem Vole is probably the best song on the record. It delivers a rhythmical experience that I at least did not expect. Not only that, T-Vice shows the diversity on this album that later will be one of their trademarks.It is all a great mix of passion from an exceptionally good writers and artists.
1. Kif Kif
2. Tanpri Souple
3. Welcome To Haiti (Vinn Investi) (feat. Black Dada)
4. Tell Me Why
5. Epi`m Pa Bon
6. Fem Vole (feat. Michael Benjamin)
7. This is it!
8. Toi et Moi
9. Pou mwen Seul
10. Konen`l Pat Konen
11. Mwen Damou (feat. J.Perry & TPO)
12. Nou Pap Lage