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Swing Karaib - Patrick Saint-Eloi

Titel : Swing Karaib

Artiest(en) : Patrick Saint-Eloi

Genre : Latin/Caribbean

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2002

Label : Lusafrica

€ 9,90


SWING KARAIB is Patrick Saint-Eloi`s first album after he officially left Kassav` in early 2002. He had recorded a number of excellent solo albums previous to this album, and all of them bear the stamp of his relentless brand of Antillean swing. Swing Karaib is chock-full of very danceable zouk right from the downbeat of the title track, in which he sings of Caribbean unity carried along by monster bass lines and sparkling horns. Jacob Desvarieux of Kassav` plays guitar on the first three tracks along with the adept and ubiquitous Thierry Delannay. "Pou la Pe" is another power track that fits in a tasteful Congolese-flavored guitar riff. This track is for his country and the people who need respect, peace, and love. "H20" is another standout track that swings with the indomitable sway of the alize of the Antilles. All of these conscious lyrics are underpinned and driven by a molten sensual swing that doesn`t stop. The hips and feet are driven by a hurricane of zouk that also speaks to minds and hearts. "Limye" speaks of the need for light in all its forms for life to thrive. It deftly combines a Haitian troubadour rhythm with beguine- zouk in a potent package. A zouk album with fresh changes and swing galore -- and another zouk bull`s-eye for Patrick Saint-Eloi. Highly recommended.
1. Swing Karaib (4:39)
2. Pou La Pe (5:32)
3. A Tou Pwi (4:19)
4. H2O (5:35)
5. An La (4:54)
6. Zye d`Amour (5:54)
7. Soley Show (5:32)
8. Limye (4:51)
9. Poukwa (5:03)
10. Men`ne Mwen (4:09)
11. Remix Grav` (5:53)