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Turn Up - Bunji Garlin

Titel : Turn Up

Artiest(en) : Bunji Garlin

Genre : Soca, Dancehall

Medium : CD

Jaar : 10-2017

Label : VP

€ 19,00


"Turn Up" is het 2017 album van soca ster Bunji Garlin
Soca star Bunji Garlin, born Ian Alvarez, will be delivering his highly anticipated album “Turn Up” on VP Records, this Friday September 1st. Featuring carnival anthems ‘Big Bad Soca’, ‘Take Over Town’ and “Climb.” The 17-song album encompasses the soul of Soca music and the pride and joy of carnival. “Turn Up” is the follow up to the 2014 album “Differentology” which featured the explosive single of the same name. The New York Times stated “he assuredly moves soca into the now era…uproariously engaging.” Rolling Stone Magazine stated “Garlin’s (album) exemplifies what it means to be a differentologist…blends dancehall, EDM + Trap into his sound without ever seeming like he’s trying.”
This year “Big Bad Soca,” from the new album is that carnival anthem. With its high energy, hooky melodies and descriptive lyrics, the song invites the listener to celebrate the music and dance. “That is the definition of a good song, it will take you anywhere and everywhere,” says Bunji of Big Bad Soca, which has become an anthem at carnivals across the US and sets the tone for the entire “Turn Up” album.
1. Turn Up
2. Blocking Up D Road
3. Dance In Paint
4. Big Bad Soca
5. Take Over Town
6. Climb
7. Road Bunx (feat. Stadic)
8. 1995
9. One More Week (feat. Jungle)
10. Take Over Town (Remix) (feat. R. City)
11. Carnival Today
12. Girls Town
13. Way Up
14. Throw It Back
15. Good Up
16. Jumbo Jet
17. The Message (feat. Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley)