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The Return - Machel Montano

Titel : The Return

Artiest(en) : Machel Montano

Genre : Soca

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2011

Label : Ruf Rex

€ 17,99


De populairste Soca artiest van het moment met z`n 2011 album "The Return".
Since his Big Truck album catapulted him into soca stardom, Machel Montano HD has consistently released music that has set him apart from his contemporaries. One main factor attributable to this is his risk-taking. Always willing to experiment with new sounds and new concepts in soca, he is never the type of artiste one could pin down musically. Another major factor is his undying belief that it is his destiny to spread soca to the corners of the earth. The result is soca music with a decidedly international appeal and on his new album, The Return, Montano clearly focuses on his calling.
Tapping into the dance trend sweeping urban music, Montano recorded So High (A.O.A) a dance soca track that has already proven to have fast legs post-Carnival. Bend Over is another dance-inspired single, which will easily endure beyond Carnival and has potential to cross over to mainstream markets. The song is sexy and Montano`s autotuned voice adds an extra sultry factor. The road mix to Bend Over is included on the album, though it should have been Aaron Fresh`s version, which is just as appealing as the original.
The Return is chockfull with Carnival hits: Coming Again, Illegal, Hard Wuk, Guh Down with Lil Rick, Bumper to Fender and Montano`s winning song, Advantage. Spin Class, which he sang on the Honey Comb riddim is also included. Montano worked with an array of songwriters and producers on this album, all of whom rose to the challenge he clearly threw out to make his return to Carnival a triumphant one. If you loved Montano`s offerings in 2011, this is an album you"ll definitely want to grab.
1. Coming Again
2. Bend Over
3. So High (A.O.A. Above Our Atmosphere)
4. Illegal
5. Hard Wuk
6. Advantage
7. On D Road
8. Guh Down (remix with Lil Rick)
9. Spin Clas
10. Bumper To Fender (remix feat. Swappi)
11. Bend Over (road mix)
12. Advantage (precision road mix)