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Sparromania - Mighty Sparrow

Titel : Sparromania

Artiest(en) : Mighty Sparrow

Genre : Soca

Medium : Dubbel CD

Jaar : 2011

Label : Strut

€ 19,90


Sparromania! Wit, Wisdom and Soul From the King of Calypso 1962-1974 is een top verzamelaar uit periode 1962-1974 van the King of Calypso, Mighty Sparrow. 2011 release op Strut
Strut present a brand new retrospective of one of the Caribbean`s most towering musical figures, Mighty Sparrow, covering 1962 to 1974. During a career of over 40 years, Sparrow has been an unmatchable figure in the world of calypso and a constant backdrop to Caribbean life, recording over 300 albums and winning eleven Calypso Monarch and eight Road March titles at the annual Trinidad Carnival during one of the most competitive times in its history.
This collection hones in on Sparrow`s most creative years as he effortlessly surfed musical styles from calypso party jams to hard-hitting boogaloo and soul. He had become a confident political commentator, tackling subjects as varied as domestic economic hardship ("Ah Diggin` Horrors"), slavery ("The Slave") and the Cuban missile crisis ("Kennedy And Kruschev"). Other tracks serve as a vital reference point for today`s music. On "Picong Duel," we hear Sparrow and fellow calypso legend, Lord Melody, trade insults, a direct forerunner to later mic battles in hip hop culture. Elsewhere, Sparrow just plain rocks the party ("Calypso Boogaloo," "Jook For Jook") and turns in the odd choice cover we feature here his lilting version of Otis Redding`s "Try A Little Tenderness" with Byron Lee. The album also documents Sparrow`s fearsome live reputation with two firing tracks from a late ‘60s gig at the Barbados Hilton and excerpts from a ‘70s concert in Brooklyn featuring Sparrow`s dynamite backing band, The Troubadours, at the peak of their game.
1. Bongo
2. Zinah
3. Fool Fool Fool
4. Calypso Boogaloo
5. Congo Man
6. The Slave
7. Kennedy and Krushchev
8. Ten To One is Murder
9. She`s Been Gone Too Long
10. Mi Son Cha (Sparrow & His Troubadours)
11. Sweet Loving
12. Shango Man
13. Oriental Touch
14. Ah Diggin` Horrors
15. Try a Little Tenderness
1. Bois Bande
2. Sparrow Dead
3. Renegades
4. Picong Duel (Sparrow and Melody)
5. Jook For Jook
6. Lion & Donkey (Re-Match)
7. Marajhin
8. Big Bamboo
9. Sparrow Come Back Home
10. Rose
11. No Money, No Love [Live At the Hilton, Barbados]
12. Letter From Miami
13. Dancehall Brawl
14. What`s the Use of Getting Sober