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Siwo - Jocelyne Beroard

Titel : Siwo

Artiest(en) : Jocelyne Beroard

Genre : Latin/Caribbean

Medium : CD

Jaar : 1986

Label : NotaBene

€ 9,90


Solo album van Jocelyne Beroard, de zangeres van Kassav met Siwo uit 1986.
De vocaliste van supergroep Kassav` zingt de zouk (love ballads) het beste van alle zouk-dames, hier begeleid door Kassav` op dit klassieke zouk album uit 1986. Met de hit Siwo"
If you like French Caribbean dance music, don`t miss this classic CD. It`s a fun mix of near-soca [SOul+CAlypso] uptempo French Caribbean festival-like jams and slower, sexy dance grooves in "zouk" style, featuring Jocelyne Beroard and Kassav` [the seminal band that created zouk around this time]. If you like to dance to sexy music, just put it on and IT will dance YOU (it will take control of your body). As French Creole (Kreyol?) poetry, the songwriting happens to be great, too. Highly recommended!! This award winning artist (Mlle. Beroard) is not only attractive but very gifted! Speaking of gifts, any Caribbean dance music aficionado would probably enjoy this. As learning guide/reference material for musicians pursuing this genre of popular dance music, the bass parts in the title track alone are worth the price of the entire album.
1. Kaye Manman (4:12)
2. Kolé Séré (4:43)
3. Son La Ri (4:37)
4. Mi Tchè Mwen (4:49)
5. Siwo (4:29)
6. Sa Ki Ta La (5:09)
7. Présé (4:43)