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Oye Manita - Toto la Momposina

Titel : Oye Manita

Artiest(en) : Toto la Momposina

Genre : Latin/Caribbean

Medium : CD

Jaar : 06-2017

Label : Astarartes

€ 16,90


OYE MANITA is een prachtige verzameling van de Colombiaanse zangeres Toto La Momposina met nummers uit de jaren 80, opgenomen in de jaren 80.
Totó la Momposina arrived in Paris in 1979 as a refugee with no French, no money and no abode. A theatre company took her under it`s wing and it wasn`t long before she was travelling through Provence with this group of mime artists, street performers and musicians, along with their hot-air balloon, double-decker bus, merry-go-round and mobile cinema. Totó`s formidable voice, charisma and songs were an instant success and France became a launch-pad for her career.
This album tells the story of Totó`s endearing relationship with France that continues to evolve today. The track list features the first recordings Totó made in Paris in the 1980s and cover her career until the present day, including previously unreleased songs. This is a quality package with beautiful artwork, ample sleeve notes and photos from the past and present.
1. La Verdolaga (4:16)
2. Tres Golpes (3:24)
3. Ven Pronto (3:21)
4. Oye Manita (3:38)
5. Rosa (3:46)
6. El Porro Magangueleño (5:57)
7. Danza de Indios (3:49)
8. Aguacero de Mayo (3:14)
9. Le la Le La (2:37)
10. Garabatos (5:09)
11. El Tigre (2:16)
12. Chambacú (6:58)
13. Mojana (3:52)
14. Mojana lo Enamoro (3:11)
15. Yo me llamo Cumbia (4:30)
16. Maria de la Paz (3:58)