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Night Life/Essence of Life - Benitez and Nebula

Titel : Night Life/Essence of Life

Artiest(en) : Benitez and Nebula

Genre : Latin/Caribbean

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2006

Label : Vampisoul

€ 19,99


Benitez and Nebula - Night Life/Essence Of Life
2 tremendous 70s albums (1976+1979) from Eddie Benitez -- both of them a great mix of jazz, funk, and Latin soul! Eddie`s style here is totally great, and very unique -- a laidback approach to the groove that has echoes of the Chicano soul coming out of LA in the early 70s -- but which is often a lot more fluid, and with strongly jazzy overtones on guitar. Most numbers feature great organ or keyboards -- really setting up the flow of the record nicely -- and there`s almost a Santana-inspired quality to some of the tracks -- but one that really goes back towards Latin music much more strongly, thanks to lots and lots of heavy congas and percussion! CD version features 19 tracks from both albums.
1. Nightlife
2. Mariposa
3. Viejo
4. I`m So Sad
5. We Are The One
6. Hey Girl
7. Dreams Can Come True
8. Love`s Way
9. Waiting For Your Love
10. Anyone
11. Essence Of Life
12. You Make Me Feel
13. Eternal Paradise
14. Seven Ways
15. Latin Thing
16. Souls Ecstasy
17. Wonderful
18. Hermano
19. Nueva Generacion