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Tono en America - Tono Rosario

Titel : Tono en America

Artiest(en) : Tono Rosario

Genre : Merengue

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2002

Label : Warner

€ 7,90


Toño Rosario - Toño en America, 2002 merengue release
Tono has done it again with his unique merengue style and rhythm. The artist himself claims that this is his best production ever but that`s what he said when he released "Yo Soy Tono" his previous album. This one however is a masterpiece with some hits that will definitely force you to pay attention once you start listening to the album. Honestly, there is not one bad song on this cd and I carefully listened to each one. The acoustics are wonderful, the rhythm is upbeat, his voice is convincing and the musical arrangements are typical Tono Rosario hard hitting criollo merengue. He did not miss his mark on this album as it offers what seems to be his usual line up over the past few years: merengue, cumbia, and bachata. If you are a fan of Tono Rosario purchase this album and if you are new to merengue this is good introduction to this genre that has been mastered by one the best in this category. The show stopper hit is "Yo Kuli Yo Kula" but all are great if you like to dance merengue "a lo dominicano". This is one of best merengue albums that has been released thus far in 2002.
1. America, America
2. No Volvere
3. Mi Morenita
4. Yo Kuli Yo Kula
5. Nada queda de tu amor
6. Insoporotablemente Bella
7. Mala Hierba
8. Navidad para el pueblo
9. Gozadera
10. Yari, Yari
11. Soy Feliz