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Suavemente - Elvis Crespo

Titel : Suavemente

Artiest(en) : Elvis Crespo

Genre : Merengue

Medium : CD

Jaar : 1998-2019

Label : Music On Vinyl

€ 9,99


SUAVEMENTE van Elvis Crespo uit 1998, met dé merengue hit van de laatste 20 jaar
Dance pop-merengue star Elvis Crespo shot to the top of the charts in Billboard with his feverish and horn-fueled mix of nonstop merengue, as best exemplified by the anthem "Suavemente." Even if you don`t know Spanish, the tribalistic grooves connect solidly enough that suddenly even merengue dance steps seem instinctive. The tune has been such a smash that label reps released a "Spanglish" version that was included in the movie musical Dance with Me. Also instantly hypnotic is "Tu Sonrisa," another blitzkrieg-paced merengazo propelled by bewitching horns and relentless percussion. These two tunes alone are worth the cost of the CD. Elsewhere, there are more merengues and the occasional romantic bachata--especially noteworthy are "Llorando" and the flamenco guitar-fueled "Te Vas." Another bachata, "Nuestra Cancion," is classic bachata, reminiscent of the great singer-songwriter Juan Luis Guerra.
1. Suavemente (4:27)
2. Nuestra Canción (3:29)
3. Luna Llena (4:25)
4. Me Arrepiento (3:46)
5. Princesita (4:48)
6. Tu Sonrisa (4:33)
7. Yo Me Morire (3:32)
8. Llorando (3:56)
9. Por Qué? (4:24)
10. Te Vas (4:18)