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Merengue Tipico - La India Canela

Titel : Merengue Tipico

Artiest(en) : La India Canela

Genre : Merengue

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2008

Label : Smithsonian Folkways

€ 17,90


Merengue Tipico from the Dominican Republic - La India Canela (2008)

While not as famous worldwide as merengue de orquesta--or big band merengue--merengue tipico is its fiery progenitor and country cousin, a hotstepping, accordion-fueled noise from the mountainous Cibao region of the Dominician Republic. La India Canela, the tipico`s ambassador and accordion goddess, simply calls it "country" music, and in the Dominician Republic that means layered percussive patterns and lightning-fast sax and accordion improvisations. With a cast of merengue tipico all-stars including Rodolfa Oscar de la Rosa Arias and Ramon Eladio Jimenez on tambora and guira respectively, Canela, herself a pioneering female bandleader, rips through a set of her own compositions and genre staples.
1. Aprietame Asi
2. Consagracion de Carino
3. El Rancho
4. Recuerdo de Ada
5. El Papujito
6. La Cuestion
7. Con el Gusto Adentro
8. Las Siete Pasadas
9. Mangulina Medley
10. Chicha
11. La Culebra
12. Cuando Yo Me Muera
13. Cana Brava