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El Hombre Merengue - Kinito Mendez

Titel : El Hombre Merengue

Artiest(en) : Kinito Mendez

Genre : Merengue

Medium : CD

Jaar : 1996

Label : PatiPami

€ 15,00


Een van de beste albums van merengue artiest Kinito Mendez uit eind jaren 90, toen Kinito een van de meest vooraanstaande artiesten van het genre was.
1. Es Asilo
2. La Pegue
3. Anja!,Juan
4. Cachamba
5. Santo Merengue
6. Pica,Pica
7. Dame A Beber De Tu Amor
8. En Vez De Una Son Dos
9. Nadie Es De Nadie
10. La Grua
11. Que Raro
12. El Animal

This is one of my favourite albums from Kinito Mendez because of the lyrics that narrate true life stories in a humorous and unique way that only Kinito does best. There are several show stoppers tunes in this album such as: Pegue, Anja Juan, Cachamba, Grua and Que raro. Get ready to laugh because that is what this album will inspire you to do when you start dancing to this contagious merengue and if you don`t understand Spanish consider buying a dictionary because you`ll be missing out on the essence of this album. With merengue like this Kinito is going only in one direction... straight to the top. Enjoy...este merengue de loco!