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Celebra Conmigo - Kinito Mendez

Titel : Celebra Conmigo

Artiest(en) : Kinito Mendez

Genre : Merengue

Medium : CD

Jaar : 2004

Label : J&N

€ 15,90


2004 album van een van Most Wanted`s favoriete merengue artiesten Kinito Mendez. Celebra Conmigo staat vol met uptempo, dansbare party-merengue.
With nearly a decade as a solo recording artist under his belt, Kinito Mendez`s popularity in his native Dominican Republic is hard won, and hence quite stable. Eight albums as a solo artist and collaborations with several popular groups to his credit qualifies Mendez as a veteran of the merengue genre. Musically, Celebra Conmigo is an aptly named joy-filled dance party from start to finish. With the exception of the sultry "Cuando Tengo Hambre" and the bachata-laced "El Hombre Bombero," Mendez`s repertoire is unaffected, straight-up merengue.
1. Obligao
2. El Hombre Bombero
3. Pica Pollo
4. Hony Tu Si Jony
5. Pura Geografia
6. Merengue Piedra
7. Cuando Tengo Hambre
8. Pa` Que Sufra
9. Bomba Bacacha (Pa` la Discoteca)
10. Llego La Hora
11. Tocando En Vivo