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Trenza - Mon Laferte

Titel : Trenza

Artiest(en) : Mon Laferte

Genre : Latin Pop

Medium : CD

Jaar : 05-2017

Label : Rebeloen

€ 19,99


TRENZA is het 2017 album van de Chileense zangeres Mon Laferte met prachtige latin pop y rock en espanol

1. Pa’ Dónde Se Fue (4:09)
2. Que Sí (3:23)
3. Mi Buen Amor (feat. Bunbury) (3:47)
4. Ana (2:45)
5. Amárrame (feat. Juanes) (3:27)
6. Yo Te Qui (2:46)
7. Primaveral (3:51)
8. No Te Fumes Mi Mariguana (4:30)
9. Cielito De Abril (feat. Manuel Garcia) (2:54)
10. Flaco (4:16)
11. La Trenza (3:48)

12. Aleli (feat. Caloncho) (3:13)
13. Vendaval (3:34)
14. Palomita (4:17)
15. Cuando Era Flor (4:42)

Mon Laferte is interested in offering something for everyone as the album smartly mixes North Andean rhythms, vals peruano, cumbia, and a Los Saicos cover (a highly influential Peruvian band from the `60s), with bolero, ska, ranchera, pop, and ballads. The three stellar duets included are all key tracks that perfectly illustrate Laferte`s grand design: "Cielito de Abril," a delicate acoustic number with compatriot Manuel García, is a tribute to the songwriting tradition of Chile; "Mi Buen Amor," a sweeping ranchera with Enrique Bunbury, nods to both Mexico and Spain; and with "Amárrame," she takes a kinky cumbia with Juanes for her shot at the upper ranks of Latin pop and international stardom.