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Musas vol.2 - Natalia Lafourcade

Titel : Musas vol.2

Artiest(en) : Natalia Lafourcade

Genre : Latin Pop, Diversen

Medium : CD

Jaar : 02-2018

Label : Sony

€ 19,99


Musas: Un Homenaje Al Folclore Latinamerica En Manos de Los Macorinos vol.2 is het vervolg op het succesvolle volume 1, release mei 2017, door de Mexicaanse zangeres Natalia Lafourcade,  met Los Macorinos, de (oude) begeleiders van Chavela Vargas, uitgebracht in mei 2017. Prachtige, grotendeels akoustische covers van wat oudere Mexicaans en Zuid-Amerikaanse nummers.

Musas Vol. 1 was an impromptu all-acoustic collaboration with the senior folk duo Los Macorinos that went on to earn two Latin Grammys and even more Grammy and Latin Grammy nominations.
Musas means "muses" and Lafourcade said the title was inspired by the spirits she sensed while recording the project: the singers and songwriters who were associated with the songs they were recording and who have inspired her own songwriting over the years.
The slight jazz-blues reworking of Venezuelan songwriter Atahualpa Yupanqui`s classic lullaby "Duerme Negrito" is typical of the fun the musicians had with the album`s concept.
The bone- chilling pathos of the Chavela Vargas inspired take of "La Llorona" is almost unbearable to listen to when you consider Lafourcade is accompanied by Vargas` own long time guitarists, Juan Carlos Allende and Miguel Peña on the song that became Vargas`s signature closing number.
Lafourcade`s own compositions are refreshingly eclectic and reveal an intuition way beyond her years, while her voice resonates with a mystical essence that feeds the soul, as she takes us on a beautiful acoustic journey.
1. Danza de Gardenias
2. Alma Mia
3. Hoy Mi Dia Uno
4. Tus Ojitos (Vals de la Guardia Vieja)
5. Duerme Negrito
6. Luz de Luna
7. Derecho de Nacimiento
8. Eclipse
9. La Llorona
10. Desdenosa (featuring Eugenia Leon & Omara Portuondo)
11. Te Sigo
12. Humanidad
13. Gavota [Version Instrumental]